Digitalisation has triggered an industrial and social revolution. Even the highest mountain peaks of the Alps are affected. Digitisation is changing the way we all behave - how we work, how we communicate, how we live. Local authorities are confronted with this social change and notice that previous patterns no longer work. They are striving to make their locations more attractive to the population and businesses and need digital solutions for tourism, mobility and communication. For an improved infrastructure, they no longer just work on the road infrastructure, but strive for the best broadband supply to meet the needs of the population.

An opportunity for community development

The new technologies are an opportunity and can be a development driver for
more quality of life, for new forms of work and thus for competitiveness. At our conference, you will learn about good examples, exchange ideas with experts and find new solutions for your municipality. Because digitalization also means networked thinking, working in partnership and getting to know and implementing transferable models.

We look forward to exciting discussions in Saas-Fee!