Lean meadows, moors, hedges, biotopes or forests are examples of natural resources that bring great value to the diversity of the communities in the Alpine region. They provide a habitat for animals, while at the same time humans value the attractiveness and quality of life of functioning natural spaces. However, the potential of these rooms is far from being exhausted - every community can become active!

The aim of the project "speciAlps" is to identify, preserve and value natural resources. It appeals to regions to strengthen inter-community natural diversity in the Alpine region and to make nature experiences possible as an everyday experience. Nature diversity teams are being formed in five pilot regions. Specially trained and local counsellors support and advise the nature diversity teams during the implementation. Green areas can be used, for example, to create biotopes or meadows, to create nature trails or to plant grass verges along fields.

A central theme of the multi-year work programme of the Alpine Convention is nature diversity. CIPRA International and the community network "Alliance in the Alps" intend to make a contribution to this over the next three years with the project "speciAlps".

"speciAlps" lasts from April 2017 to March 2020 and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany (BMU). Cipra International manages the project in partnership with the Community Network "Alliance in the Alps". "SpeciAlps" is based on the "Nature Diversity in the Community" programme from Vorarlberg/AT.

With the support of the Heidehof Foundation and the Liechtenstein pancivis Foundation.