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What we do

Implementing projects

Cross-border projects enable members to tackle challenges in their area of responsibility. The municipalities can rely on the experience of other municipalities in the Alps for their activities and obtain organisational knowledge, content support and financial assistance without bureaucracy. This networking enables them to tackle meaningful and promising projects - with an impact in their community and beyond.

Here you can fin information on current projects

Providing support and expertise

Communication is an indispensable prerequisite for successful relationships across municipal, regional and national borders. National and regional advisors advise the member municipalities in their mother tongue, support them in their concerns and ensure short distances to the board and the office. They also establish contact with other communities and experts. The network of advisors draws attention to current developments in the Alpine states and provides support in coping with the associated challenges.

Representing community interests

The Alpine municipalities are already organised in national interest groups. The mountain area only constitutes a small part of the country. Furthermore fundamental decisions are often taken at transnational and European level. In the Alpine region, "Alliance in the Alps" stands up for the concerns of the municipalities and exerts influence on European policies that directly affect the Alps. The network of municipalities contacts the National Ministries in the bodies of the Alpine Convention. In the process of an European strategy for the Alpine region, "Alliance in the Alps" ensures that the community perspective is sufficiently taken into account.

Enabling the exchange of experience

Municipal representatives and all interested parties can pick up solutions as well as new approaches and methods within the framework of the expert conferences and workshops of the Community Network. Communities and experts share their expertise and experience. Excursions lead to sites of sustainable development in the Alps.