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What we want

Protecting and developing the nature, environment and landscape

The Alpine natural and cultural landscape, with all its elements, is the basis for our life and economies - to preserve and sustainably develop it is a central task. Protected areas make an important contribution to this. The members of the Community Network strive for environmentally compatible adaptation to the consequences of climate change and work against its causes. They promote sustainable mobility to reduce the strong growth in motorised individual and freight transport.

Making communities attractive as economic areas

Through sustainable economic development, the member municipalities create the basis for adapting to future challenges. They strengthen and develop the range of services offered by maintaining and further developing the regional cycles. They strive to create new jobs and maintain existing ones. They sensitize and motivate the population to contribute to regional value creation.

Strengthening the quality of life of people in the Alps

Fair, gender- and needs-oriented social interaction strengthens cohesion in a community. The citizens of our communities participate equally in social life. Through innovative strategies and pilot projects, member municipalities are setting new standards in services of public interest such as mobility, education and health.

Contributing to the implementation of the Alpine Convention

The work of the Community Network "Alliance in the Alps" is based on the principles of the Alpine Convention, an international agreement between the Alpine countries and the EU for the sustainable development of the Alpine region. Their implementation should be brought to life where everyone can participate - in the community. "Alliance in the Alps" is one of 16 official observer organizations. The network of municipalities actively participates in the bodies of the Alpine Convention, participates in the exchange between the Alpine states and networks with the other observer organisations.