AlpWeek 2016: "Alps & People"

© TI Übersee / Ghiradini
The manifold aspects of the relationship between the Alps and the people who live, work and recreate there will be the main focus of the fourth edition of the AlpWeek in October 2016 (11. - 15.10.) in Grassau/Achental (Germany).

People in the Alps are facing huge future challenges and at the same time, they are the key players to cope with them. The AlpWeek intends to share existing Alpine experiences in order to find new solutions for the future that are specific to the alpine region(s) and respectful of its socio-cultural and natural heritage. In order to make visible the variety of approaches and discuss sustainable development options, the AlpWeek 2016 invites to a broad and diversified dialogue focusing on three main fields of action: demography, culture and quality of life.

Achental is future-oriented – it is marked by the pioneering Eco-Model Achental, committed to sustainable regional development since 1990. This association coordinates cross-community projects, giving them new inspiration, with activities focused on nature-based tourism, promotion of small-scale agriculture, nature protection and sustainable energy for the region. With a biomass plant and a weekly rural market, Grassau plays an important role in Achental’s energy supply and direct marketing and, during AlpWeek 2016, forms a perfect setting and starting point for exploring this innovative valley.