Workshop on Implementation of the Alpine Climate Target System 2050 of the Alpine Convention

public workshop


Salzburg/ AT



13.05.2019 13:00  –  14.05.2019 13:00

The XV Alpine Conference approved the Alpine Climate Target System 2050 on 4th April 2019.
Transferring these targets into action and results requires a common effort and the expertise of the Alpine community. With the workshop “Implementation of the Alpine Climate Target System2050 of the Alpine Convention" the discussion is being opended. Ideas for implementing and communicating the Alpine Climate Target System will be discussed.
Shaping the path towards climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps 2050!

On both days, short project presentation will be held in the format of elevator pitches. Furthermore, these are the  focus topics of the workshop:

  1. Implementation: Ambitious targets require ambitious action
    Reference to the Best Practice “Implementation” and the methodology for
    implementation pathways
  2. Communication: Ambitious action requires comprehensive support
    Reference to the Best Practice “Communication”. The expected outcome is
    ideas for potential elements of a communication strategy.

The event is public, and participation is free of charge. As the number of participants is limited, prior registration is required. The registration for the workshop can be submitted until Friday 19 April 2019. For more information on the program and for registration please contact to and