Crossroads Biodiversity – From a LIFE Integrated Project to a pan-Alpine biodiversity agenda

Öffentlicher Workshop

This event will offer an opportunity to exchange on the results of the LIFE Integrated Project Gestire 2020 and advance the biodiversity agenda of the Alpine region set by the work programmes of the Alpine Convention and of EUSALP. The workshop is also a follow up of the first international workshop organized online by the Alpine Biodiversity Board on 17 April 2023, and advance the discussion on biodiversity strategies which was started then. The objectives of the workshop on 10-11 October 2023 are the following: - sharing good practices, - definition of a means of cooperation for the biodiversity of the Alpine region, - formulation of a Crossroads Biodiversity Message.


Milan, Italy


10.10.2023 00:00  –  11.12.2023 00:00


ERSAF (the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry)



On 10 October, we will discuss Nature 2000 in Lombardy and the contribution of Gestire 2020 to the conservation of protected areas and ecological connectivity in the morning. This session sets the ground for the rest of the workshops and is open to all participants.

In the afternoon there will be a plenary session introducing the Alpine context and the Crossroads Biodiversity Message – throughout the workshop, the participants will elaborate this document. There will be parallel sessions on biodiversity governance with a focus on the EU Nature Restoration Law, conservation, restoration and monitoring, also encompassing the key topics of nature-based solutions and the contribution of business to nature.

On 11 October, the workshop will continue during the morning in plenary with more discussions, a synthesis of the outcomes of the parallel sessions of the previous day, the sharing of ideas for future cooperation, and the finalisation of the participants' message on 'Crossroads to Biodiversity'.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity for exchange, learning, and cooperation between some of the key Alpine and European players regarding biodiversity.

This workshop is being organised as an official side event of the European Business and Nature Summit 2023 taking place in Milan on 11-12 October 2023.

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A livestream of the event will be made available for those who cannot attend on-site.

The workshop is being organised by Regione Lombardia and ERSAF (the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry) in cooperation with the Alpine Biodiversity Board of the Alpine Convention and Action Groups 6 (natural resources) and 7 (connectivity, green infrastructure) of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).