ALPACA Dialogue: “Implementing local climate action – barriers & solutions”

Öffentlicher Workshop

Virtual Workshop, 22nd of October 2021, 10 am


22.10.2021 10:00  –  13:00



With this workshop we want to enable an international, transdisciplinary exchange within the Alpine macro-region on implementation barriers for local climate adaptation measures and how to overcome those barriers. We want to broaden the dialogue among different regions, adding findings from latest research projects and good practice examples in different countries that set the focus on climate change adaptation measures.

Please register by October 15 at the latest here.

Introduction, background and goals

The alpine region is particularly affected by climate change. Temperatures in the Alps are raising faster than the global average and mountain regions have to face increasing risks from extreme events and natural hazards. As a strongly affected region, we have to take responsibility. Although the countries of the Alpine region have agreed upon international strategies like the Alpine Convention and Climate Action Plan 2.0, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC, the Paris Agreement or the Sustainable Development Goals, targets like the climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps remain distant. So how can we come from targets to action? How can we preserve the Alpine region as a livable and safe environment?

The Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action (ALPACA) is based on the idea that municipalities and local authorities play a key role in climate protection and adaptation to climate change. Within ALPACA various organizations, such as climate and energy agencies, networks and researchers work together on the question: How can we support municipalities and local authorities and their partners in order to get political leaders, authorities, entrepreneurs and residents to act?